The rule of thumb that works best to maximize your income is a payout average of 30% to 33%. Some games will payout more (Cyclone for example) and others will pay out no more than 18% (alley games). The key is to average in the low 30's. If your location is more transient, then set your average payout in the mid-to-high 20's.

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We learned this a long time ago. By learning each game, you will know what parts you may need in the future to keep it running and making you money. You can also teach your staff and your customers how to play the game. There are times you have seen kids walk away from a game and they did not have a clue how to play it.

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Try placing an MP3, MP4 or watch box filled with 500 to 1,000 tickets on the ends of the playfield in your pushers. Trust me on this. You will see your customers go crazy playing the pusher in the hopes the prizes falls over the edge!!!! Our pusher income dramatically increased when we added these prizes...and it was additional funds!!

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Take an honest look at your redemption counter as if you were the customer. Ask yourself if there are any items you would want your kids to come home with? Would you give your son or daughter a few extra dollars to win a better prize? Are there any items that you would want to win for yourself????

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For the best income producing game package keep a close eye on your redemption to video mix. In the more successful locations the level of redemption games is approaching 80%. This may seem high but think about it for a minute. In this day and age kids and their parents come to your location to play games they can't play at home.

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