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Do you have what it takes to push the reactor over
the edge and win the JACKPOT???
Reactor adds a different twist to the normal "quick-coin" game by demanding each player to "bounce" his coin through the openings of the spinning center column. That's have to BOUNCE your coin to set off the reactor!!

As you and the other two players bounce your coins through the openings, the column begins to spin faster and the amount of tickets you win increases. Be the first to bounce your coin thru the slot when the reactor reaches it's meltdown point to win the JACKPOT!!

The action is quick and exciting, and the payoff is high for the player who masters his coin bouncing skills! Reactor will have your customers "bouncing" their way to your prize counter...

Product Details
Product Dimensions: 47.25" W X 43.3" D X 85.9" H
Product Weight: 475 LBS
Shipping Dimensions: 50" D X 50" W X 80" H
Shipping Weight: 510 LBS shipping
Product Manual Smetic Drawing Play Video Technical Support
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