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Game Features:
The colors are not the only bright spot on this game. You should see how quickly this cash box fills up!

To win the Jackpot/Bonus on Platinum Heights, the player must land the yellow arrow in the "Advance" space on the first two wheels to play on the Jackpot/Bonus wheel. This seems simple enough, but on each "Advance" space is a ticket value that will test the player's confidence in moving up to the next level.

Platinum Heights will bring your customers back for more as the players must have a quick hand to move up the wheel - but they must also temper their need for instant gratification in the hopes of winning the Jackpot/Bonus.

If you are looking for a game that appeals to all ages and makes you more money, Platinum Heights is perfect for you!
Product Details
Product Dimensions: 30"W x 41"D x 103"H
Product Weight: 324 LBS
Shipping Dimensions: 32"W x 44"D x 90"H
Shipping Weight: 395 LBS
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Platinum Heights
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