Family Fun Companies
We manufacture games with the operator in mind,
because we are operators just like you!!!
As you know, Family Fun Companies is a manufacturer of high quality redemption games. What some of you may not know is our owner, Richard Oltmann, owns four Family Fun Parks ranging from 25,000 square feet to over 14 acres in the Chicagoland area.

Our crown jewel is the Enchanted Castle, which is a 60,000 square foot indoor facility located in Lombard, IL. This is where our crane story begins...
As we are always looking to add new attractions and value to our Family Fun Parks, we took a look at what few cranes would do in one of our parks. We subscribe to the “If you don’t try something new, shame on you” way of thinking.

We started with just three cranes in a line. In a matter of a few weeks of watching and talking to our customers, we realized that by adding cranes to our mix, we found something we could build on.


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Richard Oltmann
Photo above of J. Richard Oltmann,
Owner/CEO of Family Fun Companies.
As Rich is a person who is always pushing the envelope, he began to focus his creativity and came up with the idea of a “Crane Room.” He realized that a crane is just a marketing tool to selling a variety of products.

Using his imagination, he removed an existing ride and filled this room with 56 cranes. He began sourcing different items to fill the cranes. Some worked well, some worked reasonably well and others did not work at all. Rich and his staff continue to talk with the customers to find out what they like and would play for. There are so many items in the market that can work in a crane, it is truely amazing.

In short, the crane room will bring in $9,000 to $12,000 per week out of season. There is no telling what the busy season will bring!! Please enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions or comments, please share them. If there is an item working well for you, please call us and share it - we will gladly do the same.